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About Me

Hey, Coach Gary here!


First off, I’d like to thank you for your love and support.

And I’d like for you to get to know a little about me and my fitness journey.


Like many others, I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.


But not only that, I’m full-time Police Officer, a Criminal Justice Instructor at my local college, and also a Certified Personal Trainer (which is what connected you and I).


I “officially” got into this profession in the spring of 2021, after completion of my Masters Degree (Thank you COVID!).


Though I never took the plunge until 2021, I’ve always enjoyed working out, and helping others along their fitness journey through encouragement and also teaching others what I’ve learned along the way during my own fitness journey.


I went from a high school athlete, to gaining the college “freshmen” 15, to loosing the weight and cheering my junior and senior year in college, to then joining the police force, to then getting pregnant and getting preeclampsia to becoming my heaviest weight yet.


After the birth of my son, I lost my post-baby weight the most unhealthy way possible and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally learned what it meant to be healthy, sexy, confident, and happy!


I always pushed my friends, especially those with similar feelings and insecurities to pursue their fitness journey. Because of those friendships, and moments of shared weaknesses, I’ve always been asked that one question.. “why aren’t you a personal trainer?”.


The answer was that I never had the time. I’ve always been super busy, which I discovered is how I function as a human being better.


So, because of COVID and the worldwide shut down, I was able to get my certification as a personal trainer and start up my own small business in my community.


My goal is to help connect with other women (mother, sister, wife, daughter) or really anyone who is in that low moment in their life where something needs to change either for a confidence booster, or health reasons.


All my clients typically get to know each other, and it becomes a bond in some way through their shared experiences and hurdles.


Everyone that’s been through my program knows that the first session is always the hardest, but it gets easier! Each day you make the option to do better, eat better, and train harder.


The goal of my program is to get my clients confident enough to get into an active lifestyle either in the gym or at home. My clients typically graduate from my program and continue along their fitness path either in the gym or at home. 


I still get messages or emails about past clients and their success of crushin’ It in the gym. These stories are what make it worth it for me.


My program is mostly for beginners, but I have something for everyone. My program is also affordable! I don’t do this strictly for the money, as I have multiple other jobs. I do it so everyone can feel confident in their body!

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