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Don't Let the Stress of an Upcoming Event Hinder Your Fitness Progress!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Meet Christina! CEO, Lead Planner, Event Manager, & Founder of Corbitt Events!

If you are interested in business, contact her at: or visit all her social media platforms.

Christina, understands the importance of fitness & mental health, and how one without the other can hinder your fitness progress.

Below are nine advantages of hiring a party planner for your important events:

1. You’ll Stay on Budget

Your event planner should know what costs should be expected and if there are any value differences. With this knowledge, they’ll be able to track the price overall and they can also suggest ways that you’ll be able to stay in your budget.

2. All Details Will Be Covered

A party planner will be extremely detail-oriented, and this is great for ensuring that nothing’s left out. The professionals will know the things that different occasions and events demand and they’re familiar with all of the fine details.

3. Superior Organization Skills

A really big perk when you hire a party planner is that she or he will have exemplary organization skills. From event production timelines to booking the venue for the right time, the management of a party planner is so useful!

4. Skilled Negotiations

When you hire a party planner, it often means that you will be able to rely on a very skilled negotiator, especially for contractors with vendors and suppliers. They will know how to ensure that you are getting what you want and they’re not afraid to pressure a supplier or vendor if needed.

5. Getting the Perfect Theme

If you’re in the mood for something unique or different at your party, you will want a party planner. These kinds of professionals are able to help you with certain themes or they can even offer alternatives or suggestions so that you’re going to be happy.

6. Flexibility

If you’re really busy, you want to work with a party planner since they will provide flexibility. You can be very involved or not involved at all. Your party is still going to be a great one thanks to your planner.

7. Reduces Stress

When you have someone who knows how to plan a party and they’re taking care of the small and large details, this will help you with reducing your stress. They will be there to help with troubleshooting difficulties and making sure you’re your party is going off without a problem.

8. It Will Save Time

It takes a lot to plan a party and ensure that everything’s going smoothly. When you have a party planner, they will spend their time with doing the research, doing the planning and the negotiating so that you get the party that you want to have.

9. Professional Advice

A party planner will know the way to take all of your demands and wishes to heart when they’re making any necessary adjustments and tweaks. An experienced party planner will listen to you carefully, give their input, and always be realistic anytime it’s appropriate.

When you are planning a party, it won’t have to be very stressful, particularly when you can hire an expert who loves helping you with ironing out the important details. When you hire a party planner, you’re not just saving money and time but you’re reducing the amount of stress you experience greatly, allowing for you to stay health and fit for your special event. They will listen closely to anything that you are saying and they’ll incorporate your demands and wishes, mixing their professional opinions or advice when needed.

So, Why Choose Christina??????

Christina married to the man of her dreams, and her love story is quite the fairy tale!

Christina and her husband met forever ago while working at the same job. Neither one of them were in a position to be in a relationship, but we developed a friendship. When Christina relocated jobs, they lost contact for a brief period of time. Her "now husband" reached out one day and they both just so happened to be in a good place and started dating.

After a few years, her husband proposed to her at Disney World! Yes- Disney World! Right in front of the castle and during the “Happily Ever After” fireworks for my birthday. Literally a dream proposal.

Then, they got the opportunity of a LIFETIME! They got married at Disney World and the wedding was televised on Freeform TV on the series Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. (Season 1: Episode 9) Disney World treated us like true royalty with mind blowing surprises. The grandest of all was Martina McBride performing just for us at our reception.

They then had three fur babies. Tilly (cat), Jax (Morkie), and our baby Penny (Golden Doodle). And moved to Amelia Island, Florida.

Christina loves anything outdoors, such as fishing, biking, and taking their pups around town.

Christina is also obsessed with anything and everything Disney. As for her interesting background to say the least. Like most recent high school graduates, Christina had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. She knew She had two passions! She loved to throw parties and was completely obsessed with true crime television.

Back then she had no clue that party planning was a real job. Social media wasn’t as big and there definitely was no Pinterest. Realistically thinking she needed a career.

Christine, too, decided she wanted to become a Detective! Yes.. just like on the serial killer documentaries I loved. She eventually graduated from the University of North Florida majoring in Criminal Justice and double minoring in Psychology and Business.

While in college, she would be the one throwing parties! She was always planning birthday parties, showers, themed parties, holiday parties, annual parties, and even organized a big charity fundraising event.

Christina took party planning to a whole new level. She was extremely detailed and task oriented. Our friends would even make jokes at the fact that she had “party planning meetings” and “party planning teams” for a party. It was more than just a party to her. It was seeing her ideas come to life and seeing everyone’s faces when they arrived. People close to Christina began getting engaged. She was asked to help plan and execute weddings. Something magical happened.. while the brides were stressing over the details, she was the complete opposite. She got an adrenaline rush! It wasn’t until she began planning her very own wedding and social media began to evolve until she realized that Wedding Planning was a legit thing that I could make a career out of.

Christina planned my own wedding. She truly enjoyed talking to vendors. She absolutely thrived with her wedding timeline! She also created a “wedding day guide” for her own wedding. She gave the packet to every vendor and every person in my wedding party. Christina's goal was to make sure that any question that could possibly arise was answered in the guide so that no one would have to bother her that day. After everyone saw her “wedding day guide”, she was approached by people who were impressed at how meticulous, detailed, and organized it was. She was also truly inspired by the Disney Fairytale Wedding Planners.

That, my friends, is how an event planner was made. After college, Christina took a job as a police officer and worked my way up to Detective. Christina will save her cool Detective stories for when you guys chat! Many people say that a Detective and a Wedding Planner are completely different. That could not be further from the truth! Being a Detective you have to be able to multitask many duties at once, problem solved, think outside of the box, handle difficult situations, communicate, network, and ultimately tell a story!!!! While an investigation is a story of it’s own, a wedding is a love story!!

Christina's ultimate goal as your wedding planner is to tell your beautiful love story.

When your day comes, Christina promises she will be the one trying not to cry while fixing the bottom of your dress as I am sending you down the aisle to your… happily ever after.

And if you haven't guessed already, this wonderful person is my BIG SISTER! She is my inspiration for everything I do in life. She is the one who created and pushed me into my own personal training business.

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